Wendel Clark Biography

The full name of Wendel Clark is Wendel L. Clark. He was born on 25th of October in the year 1966. Wendel used to play ice hockey for the Canadian national team of ice hockey. He was included in the team of Toronto Maple Leafs which is the part of the National Hockey League. Wendel became the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the year 1991. He captained this particular team till the season of 1994.  He played his best while he was the captain of this team. His fans gave him the nick name of Captain Crunch. Wendel played the particular game with very special technique which was a combination of physical and mind game. This particular technique helped him to gain the nick name of Captain Crunch. His style of playing ice hockey was very unique and innovative.

Since childhood Wendel Clark was very attracted towards the game of ice hockey. He played the particular game in high school and university level. He played in the position of the defenseman in the particular game. It is said when this particular player was on the field of ice hockey, he really gave a very tough competition to the opposition. In his career of ice hockey many legendary shots came from his hockey stick. In many occasions, he helped to pull his particular team to the finals and win the championship. He also played a vital role in the national team of ice hockey of Canada. Some people said that Wendel Clark played the role of the pillar in the particular team for which he performed.

Some people say that Wendel did not have the particular figure which was required for the game of hockey. Despite of having this body feature, he gave very strong competition to the opponent hockey players. In the early days of his hockey career, he really gave a tight competition to the opponent players. In many cases he succeeded in making his team proud which helped him to find a permanent place in the particular team. Wendel have a family attachment in this particular sport. Many of his cousins were included in this particular sport of ice hockey and in most cases he had to fight against his family members in order to win the game. Wendel Clark has a great record in order to stop the strong contenders on the field. But, as he grew older, he started to loose control on the particular sport of ice hockey. Another factor that became the barrier in his ice hockey career was multiple injuries. The frequent injuries did not allow him to stay as a permanent member in the team. His form became very inconsistent.

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